Get Acquainted With The Most Famous Content Mining And Web Data Scraping Tools That'll Save Our Time – Semalt Review

Web scraping tools are designed to gather meaningful information from websites. They perform their functions in Java, C++, Python, Ruby, as well as other programming languages. Some of the web scraping and content mining services are cool enough to get you accurate and error-free data within seconds. Some of the most incredible applications have been discussed below:

1. Screen Scraper

It is one of the best and most famous content mining tools on the net. Screen Scraper tackles lots of tasks related to precise data extraction and navigation. You can use this tool only when you have sufficient tokenization or programming skills. Launching the software is simplicity itself. You just have to download and activate it, add your proxy and begin recording your list of actions. This tool will create different extraction patterns with the help of codes and works with both JavaScript and HTML. The best feature of Screen Scraper is that it easy to use and can be tested with your Citrix platform conveniently. Basically, this service helps us write simple scripts and lets us download the extracted information in text, Excel, and CSV formats.


It is one of the most useful and incredible data extraction services that will save our time. is a comprehensive, free desktop app that helps scrape useful data from an unlimited number of sites and blogs. This service treats our web pages as the potential data source to generate APIs from. Thus, it saves our time and is suitable for businesses and large enterprises. doesn't process the pages that you had processed previously. The only disadvantage of is that it is unable to navigate from one site to another. It means you will have to insert the URLs you want to extract data from manually.

3. Uipath

It is a renewed data scraping service. Uipath specializes in scraping data and mining content for its users. It can perform multiple tasks at a time and is suitable for both coders and non-coders. Plus, this program has great page navigation features and can scrape your PDF files, getting you the desired results and saving your time on data extraction. You just need to open the wizard, mention the URL you want to scrape data from and Uipath will start performing its function. This application easily digs through the flash and gets you readable and scalable data within a matter of minutes. You can receive neat CSV and Excel documents. Being a premium program, Uipath will not be suitable for startups as it is a little pricey.

4. Kimono Labs

Kimono Labs is the first choice of programmers, journalists, freelancers, webmasters, enterprises, and non-technical individuals. It performs multiple data scraping and content mining tasks at the same time. This tool is powered by live data extraction feature, which lets you view or monitor the quality of data while it is being scraped. Also, Kimono Labs is compatible with almost all web browsers and operating systems. It doesn't offer any page navigation facility, and you will have to spend some time to train Kimono Labs before the data is pulled out in the desired formats.

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